Welcome To the Mather Lit Center!

Ms. O’shea, born and raised in Chicago, in fact born less than a mile away from Mather. Grew up around Albany park but spent many a childhoods summer roaming the green fields of Ireland. After receiving her diploma from Whitney Young she went on to get her Bachelors in English at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She then returned to Chicago and started teaching at this very school, initially as a Literacy Teacher before she became the English teacher – that all who’ve had her know and love – today. Her pursuit for knowledge and education continued and she succeeded in getting her Masters Degree in reading from Northeastern in ’08 and she is currently in the process of getting her PhD in Literacy, Language, and Culture from University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also the coach for the Acadec Team, and Mather Astronomy Club.

Ms. Belmonte originated from the Spartan land of Battle Creek, Michigan. Attending the proud establishment that is Michigan State for her undergraduates degree in English, she dabbled in club sports like¬†volleyball which carried over to her teaching at Mather where she took up coaching for the volleyball and soccer teams. She didn’t stop at a mere bachelors, though, she pushed on and earned a Masters degree in Writing and Publishing. She’s been heavily involved in Mather throughout her 13 years of teaching and continues to be a role model both in and out of the classroom. She currently teaches Creative Writing and Journalism at Mather.